Stone Street

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Stone Street - Desde Acorn Street, United States
Stone Street - Desde Acorn Street, United States
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Stone Street
📍 Desde Acorn Street, United States
Stone Street and Acorn Street are two small, cobblestone streets located in the Financial District of Boston. They are best known for their unique row of historic and restored Federal-style buildings that line both sides of the street. The narrow cobblestone walkways and colorfully painted buildings give Stone and Acorn Streets a unique and charming atmosphere. Even though the streets are usually bustling with pedestrians during the day, at night Stone and Acorn Streets become virtual ghost towns. Visitors are encouraged to take a leisurely stroll through the two tiny streets since they capture a distinctive old-time charm. Many tourists enjoy taking pictures of the twin streets, which are surrounded by some of the oldest churches in the city. The surrounding area provides a good opportunity for exploring and there are lots of interesting shops and eateries to be found.

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I was in this place. The taxi left me in front without knowing it. It is a unique street in Boston. Beautifull.
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