Stolna župnija Maribor

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Stolna župnija Maribor - Slovenia
Stolna župnija Maribor - Slovenia
Stolna župnija Maribor
📍 Slovenia
Stolna župnija Maribor is a beautiful baroque-style church in the city center of Maribor, Slovenia. It is owned by the Catholic church and was first built in 1728. Stolna župnija Maribor is the largest and most important church in the city, with its impressive spire dominating the skyline. Inside, visitors can admire the numerous works of art and historical artifacts which witness to the many centuries of Catholic worship in Maribor. Don't forget to check out the Baroque organ which was created in 1766 and is still in use today. The locals also recommend taking a walk around the park which surrounds the church, where you can take in the beautiful views of the city and the Drava River. Stolna župnija Maribor is definitely worth a visit for anyone interested in history and architecture.

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