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Stilt Fisherman - Sri Lanka
Stilt Fisherman - Sri Lanka
Stilt Fisherman
📍 Sri Lanka
Sossusvlei, located in the Namib desert of southern Namibia, is an area of immense beauty. The Namib desert is the oldest desert in the world, with the breathtaking natural scenes it contains. Sossusvlei, meaning 'dead-end marsh', is the area surrounding the salt and clay pan that is characterized by some of the highest sand dunes in the world. Spectacularly beautiful, some of the dunes reach heights of 300 meters. The dunes have varying colors due to minerals present in sand, as well as amounts of humidity and temperature at different times of the year. Sossusvlei provides a stunning landscape for travelers and photographers alike. From a vantage point of the ridge of a dune, you can watch the incredible sunrise or sunset, while the journey up and down the dunes can be a fantastic experience. As well, a visit to the ‘Big Daddy’ sand dune and it’s sister ‘Dune 45’ is a must. Photographers can also check out Sesriem Canyon, a 600m long twist canyon with a dried riverbed in the bottom, rich with different colors. The nearby Dead Vlei, a white clay pan surrounded by dead Acacia trees, is a stunning natural scene like nowhere else on Earth.

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