Statue and Finance Tower

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Statue and Finance Tower - Desde Botanique, Belgium
Statue and Finance Tower - Desde Botanique, Belgium
@pierrick - Unsplash
Statue and Finance Tower
📍 Desde Botanique, Belgium
The amazing 15-meter tall Statue and Finance Tower in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode, Belgium is one of the tallest and most striking public works of art in all of Europe. Situated at the centre of a circular plaza, the two-part installation is a powerful expression of the area’s rich history. The Statue is a figure of human invention represented in a modern form, while the Finance Tower is an abstract representation of the city's trading and financial history. In addition, the installation also presents playful and poetic elements that pay tribute to the history of the city, often referred to as “Little Africa” for its diversity. The Statue and Finance Tower is a must-see for visitors, and offers excellent photo opportunities to capture its impressive scale and dynamic form.

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