St. Vitus Cathedral

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St. Vitus Cathedral - Desde Inside, Czechia
St. Vitus Cathedral - Desde Inside, Czechia
@anthonydelanoix - Unsplash
St. Vitus Cathedral
📍 Desde Inside, Czechia
St. Vitus Cathedral is one of the largest and most important churches in Czechia and the architectural centerpiece of Prague Castle Complex. Located in Hradčany, it is part of a 1,000-year old castle, the seat of the President of Czechia. It is a remarkable example of Gothic architecture, with a towering spire soaring up to over 100 m. Inside, the cathedral contains numerous works of art, including the tomb of St.John of Nepomuk, and the most notable among them is the Coronation Window. Also of interest are the many religious artworks in bronze, stone and wood, as well as the tombs of some of the country's most significant figures, like kings, saints and martyrs. Many of the buildings around the cathedral are also worth visiting, as they are part of Prague Castle's historic buildings and hold their own historical and cultural importance. Despite being one of the most-visited tourist sites in Prague, St. Vitus Cathedral remains a stunning architectural beauty that must be seen to be believed.

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