St Oswald's Bay

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St Oswald's Bay - Desde Cliff, United Kingdom
St Oswald's Bay - Desde Cliff, United Kingdom
@samuelthomps0n - Unsplash
St Oswald's Bay
📍 Desde Cliff, United Kingdom
St Oswald's Bay is a picturesque geological feature located in Dorset, United Kingdom. It is a steeply angled, partially wooded bay consisting of deep shingle banks, tall cliffs and sand dunes. Its jagged coastline makes it an alluring spot for day-trippers and wildlife enthusiasts alike, as you can often spot a variety of seabirds such as oystercatchers and bar-tailed godwits. Amongst the bay's numerous nooks and crannies, you'll come across an array of marine flora and fauna, including carnivorous sea anemones and jellyfish, starfish, crabs, and even the occasional basking shark! Take a leisurely stroll along the beach and explore the numerous rock-pools, abounding in abundant marine life, including seals and dolphins occasionally. For the nature lover, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the variety of flora and fauna that call St Oswald's Bay home. Enjoy the breath-taking views and rugged, wild beauty of this stunning seascape and take away some beautiful memories.

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