St. Mungo at High Street (Mural Trail #3)

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St. Mungo at High Street (Mural Trail #3) - United Kingdom
St. Mungo at High Street (Mural Trail #3) - United Kingdom
@jme1007 - Unsplash
St. Mungo at High Street (Mural Trail #3)
📍 United Kingdom
The third mural on Glasgow City's Mural Trail, St. Mungo at High Street, is a vibrant and colorful mural. Inspired by Glasgow's patron saint, Glasgow's famed muralist Rogue-One has crafted an exciting piece. Set in a handball court, the artwork portrays the different times of day, from sunrise to evening, across each of its five walls. It depicts crops being grown and harvested above a giant "G," to remind visitors of the city's proud heritage as well as its current culture. At the centre of the mural is a larger-than-life version of Glasgow's legendary St. Mungo, the patron saint of the city. He stands atop a dragon, symbolising the power of the city and its people. The mural is vivid and inspiring, showing both the beauty of Glasgow and its dynamic and ever-evolving identity. With its strong religious symbolism and its embrace of the city's culture, this mural is a captivating reminder of Glasgow's strength.

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