Squinty Bridge

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Squinty Bridge - Desde Finnieston Street, United Kingdom
Squinty Bridge - Desde Finnieston Street, United Kingdom
Squinty Bridge
📍 Desde Finnieston Street, United Kingdom
Squinty Bridge, also known as the Clyde Arc, is a beautiful and iconic bridge located in Glasgow City in the United Kingdom. It's a distinctive curved bridge and it spans across the River Clyde. It is an important piece of modern and sustainable architecture, as well as being a favorite among photographers and visitors. The bridge connects the Tradeston area on the south side of the river to the city center on the north side. The structure itself is made up of two concrete V-shaped piers that support a metal roadway and a walkway on either side, and the curve of the bridge makes it quite spectacular when it is viewed from a distance. Squinty Bridge is a part of the Clydeside Regeneration Area and it forms an important link in the sustainable transport network that exists within Glasgow.

The bridge is a popular spot for tourists, walkers, and cyclists from all around the city and it is a great place to take a romantic stroll on a summer night. On the south side of the bridge, you can find the riverside walkways, which meander along the banks of the river and offer stunning views of the bridge and Glasgow City Center beyond. Squinty Bridge is a great spot to capture some amazing photographs.

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