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Spundmauer - Desde Dünen, Germany
Spundmauer - Desde Dünen, Germany
📍 Desde Dünen, Germany
Spundmauer on the island of Spiekeroog in Germany is an incredible sight! It is an artificial dike (a type of wall) made of wood sticks which extend 18 kilometres into the Wadden Sea. It is one of the largest of its kind in the world. It serves several purposes: preventing sand and mud from settling into the area and acting as a protective barrier for the island. Standing at almost 4 metres high and jutting out into the sea, Spundmauer makes for an impressive sight. You can spot sea birds and seals during the day, and at night you can observe some of the brightest stars in the galaxy. Explore the entire coastline of Spundmauer and get acquainted with the area's picturesque nature and its rural serenity. There are lovely footpaths close by, so you can meander along for hours and take in the views. You can also go for boat tours around the island, stop for a picnic lunch, or take a break at one of the beach hut cafes.

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