Spirit Island

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Spirit Island - Canada
Spirit Island - Canada
@sickle - Unsplash
Spirit Island
📍 Canada
Spirit Island, located in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, is a stunningly beautiful landscape that is unrivaled in its breathtaking beauty. The island, located in Maligne Lake, is dramatically shaped by the glacially clear waters of the lake and the rugged, angular ridges of the surrounding mountain ring that make up the national park. During the summer, the lake is filled with shimmering sunlight, making for a picturesque scene. The lake, which is over 60 km long, is surrounded by 6 km wide valley that features lush forests of both pine and fir, as well as one-of-a-kind meadows. These meadows are home to a number of species of wildflowers, deer and moose. For those who are lucky, glimpses of the resident grizzly bears may be a possibility among the myriad of wildlife. Spirit Island, named one of Canada's Natural Wonders, is considered the iconic image of the Canadian Rockies and has inspired generations of photographers, painters and dreamers with its unforgettable majesty.

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