Sound Mirrors

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Sound Mirrors - Desde Viewpoint, United Kingdom
Sound Mirrors - Desde Viewpoint, United Kingdom
Sound Mirrors
📍 Desde Viewpoint, United Kingdom
The Sound Mirrors of Kent, in the United Kingdom, are a unique and overlooked piece of history. Dating back to the 1920s, the Sound Mirrors, also known as Egg Shape Acoustic Mirrors, are large concrete structures located along the British coastline. Made up of a parabolic bowl and a concrete wall, they were originally designed as a primitive early warning device to detect aircraft before the invention of radar. Though outdated technology, these structures remain as a relic of our past.

Today, these structures are popular for sightseers, hikers, and photographers alike. With its unique shape and beautiful coastlines, the Sound Mirrors offer the perfect backdrop for any photographer. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic coastline or a beautiful sunrise, there’s something for everyone. Just bring your camera and let your creativity take over!

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