Small Port

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Small Port - Desde Esplanade Kudat, Malaysia
Small Port - Desde Esplanade Kudat, Malaysia
Small Port
📍 Desde Esplanade Kudat, Malaysia
Small Port in Kudat, situated on Sabah’s northern tip of Borneo island, is a fishing village that has long been a favorite destination for visitors looking to explore the diverse culture and nature of Malaysia. Small Port is an idyllic fishing village that has maintained a certain Old-World charm due to its exemption from tourism development. Here, visitors can appreciate the bountiful waters and see the fishermen working through the day to provide for their families. This interplay of activities between wildlife and the locals form a memorable experience for visitors.

The crystal-clear waters of the small port are filled with fish, turtles, and even jellyfish, providing a great experience for snorkelers and divers. Visitors can also take a traditional wooden fishing boat out exploring the nearby island of Banggi. There is also a Sunday market where local farmers showcase their locally-made produce and catch-of-the-day seafood. It's a great way to explore the culture and also grab souvenirs. In addition to its attractions, the area is a paradise for photographers. Picturesque sunsets over the horizon create a beautiful and unique backdrop that is impossible to replicate. Picturesque villages, clean beaches, and the opportunity to capture wildlife in action are just some of the picturesque places in and around the port that should be on any photographer's shot list.

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