Skardsviti Lighthouse

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Skardsviti Lighthouse - Desde Road, Iceland
Skardsviti Lighthouse - Desde Road, Iceland
@robertbye - Unsplash
Skardsviti Lighthouse
📍 Desde Road, Iceland
Skardsviti Lighthouse is a beautiful old lighthouse in Iceland situated on the remote Skardsviti island. This is one of Iceland's highest lighthouses and offers incredible views over the surrounding sea. The lighthouse has a distinctive pattern of red, white and black stripes. Its bright red and white stripes can be seen from up to 50 kilometers away. It is a peaceful place to wander and explore, surrounded by a near-circular wall of basalt rock. Visitors can enjoy amazing views of the picturesque landscape and the lighthouse provides a unique setting for photography. In addition to its scenic views, the island also offers some interesting bird watching opportunities and various walks.

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