Serpentine North Gallery

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Serpentine North Gallery - United Kingdom
Serpentine North Gallery - United Kingdom
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Serpentine North Gallery
📍 United Kingdom
The Serpentine North Gallery is located in Kensington Gardens, Greater London, United Kingdom, and was established as part of the Serpentine Galleries, which was founded in 1970. It is mainly a space dedicated to modern and contemporary art, with a permanent collection exhibiting international artists. Paintings, sculptures, photographs, installations and performances are just some of the art forms that are displayed there.

The Serpentine North Gallery, with its spacious and light-filled rooms, remains open to the public and offers photography sessions for art enthusiasts and tourists. An educational program is also available with workshops, seminars and lectures that explore the relationship between art and society. The gallery hosts events such as the Annual Pavilion, Serpentine Nights and Film Series. These engaging activities offer a unique way to discover the constantly evolving art world and the work of world-renowned curators. The gallery also offers a library and a cafe, as places to reflect and relax. In short, the Serpentine North Gallery is a place of culture, modern art, education and relaxation all in one.

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