Sé Velha - Coimbra

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Sé Velha - Coimbra - Desde Inside, Portugal
Sé Velha - Coimbra - Desde Inside, Portugal
Sé Velha - Coimbra
📍 Desde Inside, Portugal
The Old Cathedral of Coimbra, known as Sé Velha, is one of the oldest and most renowned landmarks of the city of Coimbra, Portugal. It is considered to be one of the most impressive buildings in the country. The Sé Velha is a fortified Romanesque cathedral, constructed from the 11th to the 13th centuries. The façade consists of two towers, each completed with a turret, extensive columns and impressive engravings. Inside, visitors can admire the choir, and Gothic carvings, along with incredible Portuguese tiled panels. The Sé Velha is considered a symbol of Coimbra’s strong cultural heritage and is a must-see for history and architecture lovers. Photographers may find plenty of interesting things to shoot in and around the building, from the intricately decorated doorway to the mysterious looking cemetery. There is also a museums of Sacred Art attached to the Cathedral, where visitors can explore the history of the Catholic Church in the region.

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