Scrivener Dam

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Scrivener Dam - Desde Lookout, Australia
Scrivener Dam - Desde Lookout, Australia
Scrivener Dam
📍 Desde Lookout, Australia
Scrivener Dam is a stone-faced gravity dam located in the Molonglo Valley near Canberra, Australia. The dam is part of the Molonglo water supply system which supplies water to the city and its surrounding areas. The dam was named after the Canberra-based civil engineer, Charles Scrivener, who designed it and officially opened it in 1965. It is constructed of Frank Mountain Quartzite and holds up to 11.5 million cubic metres of water. Visitors may explore the dam and the surrounding landscape on foot or bike along the nearby riding trails. The dam also makes for a great spot for fishing, kayaking and bird watching. The area is particularly known for its birdlife and wildlife which includes many native species of birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals. There are also many lovely bushwalks, scenic picnic spots and stunning views of the Molonglo Valley and nearby Murrumbidgee River.

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