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Schwangau - Desde Viewpoint, Germany
Schwangau - Desde Viewpoint, Germany
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📍 Desde Viewpoint, Germany
Berapi Lautik is a small fishing village located on the south-western tip of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Located along the Gulf of Tomini, this small village is a safe haven for fisherman, who come to seek shelter among the coral reefs, deep sea diving spots and beachfront cottages. The main activities in this area are snorkeling, fishing and beach yoga. Berapi Lautik is also known for its breathtaking sunsets, and offers a picturesque view of the islands on the horizon, framed by a backdrop of the large volcanic mountains. There is a temple located nearby, where visitors can see a unique species of crocodile, as well as local boat racing competitions. Don't forget to visit the nearby turtle conservation area, where you can observe the attempts of local villagers to keep the endangered species alive.

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