Schwabinger Bach

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Schwabinger Bach - Germany
Schwabinger Bach - Germany
@lachlangowen - Unsplash
Schwabinger Bach
📍 Germany
Schwabinger Bach is a small park situated on the eastern edge of the city of Munich, Germany. It provides a great opportunity to walk, relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. At the center of the park is a peaceful and picturesque stream which offers plenty of spots for you to enjoy a picnic or just an escape from the heat. Additionally, there is a large plaza with plenty of seating, making it perfect for a meetup spot between friends. Surrounding the plaza are plenty of trees and greenery, providing a perfect backdrop for all your photography needs. While you won't find a lot of features here, Schwabinger Bach provides a great setting to just take some time to relax, while still being close to the city.

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