Schloss Evenburg

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Schloss Evenburg - Germany
Schloss Evenburg - Germany
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Schloss Evenburg
📍 Germany
Schloss Evenburg is an exciting cultural landmark in Germany. Situated in the city of Leer in the Ostfriesland region, Schloss Evenburg was built on the orders of Count Herrmann Friedrich Carl von Oeynhausen in 1720. The two-storey structure is made of red brick, and features a red-tiled roof.

Inside, visitors can explore the long hall, the attic, and various living rooms and receptions rooms, each of which feature beautiful stucco decorations and impressive furnishing. Of particular interest are the library, which is said to contain various historical documents dating back to the 18th century, and the chapel, which can be accessed from the north east. The oldest of the buildings at Schloss Evenburg are the service wing, and the so-called 'old court'. The latter is particularly remarkable for its traditional wooden facade, and its numerous glass windows. There is also a substantial English-style garden, which includes unique sculptures and features. The palace also houses an impressive collection of paintings, and a display featuring pictures of the local buildings, including the old city hall. Throughout the year there are special events held in the park and palace, such as concerts and festivals. To access Schloss Evenburg simply take the train west from Leer station to Großsander station, before taking a bus to the palace grounds.

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