Sanctuary of Truth

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Sanctuary of Truth - Thailand
Sanctuary of Truth - Thailand
Sanctuary of Truth
📍 Thailand
The Sanctuary of Truth in Muang Pattaya, Thailand is an incredible sight to behold. Constructed entirely out of wood, this towering temple and palace stands 105 metres tall and is said to be a representation of the ancient knowledge and art of the Eastern civilisations. It is adorned with detailed sculptures and statues reaching every corner of its majestic walls. Inside, visitors can explore various chambers of rich wooden artworks inspired by Buddhist and Hindu mythology and religious icons. The structure is not only breathtakingly beautiful but also provides insight into the ancient culture and the intricate craftsmanship that was used to create the sanctuary. The area also includes several gardens, a lake and viewpoints where visitors can take stunning panoramic shots of this magnificent structure, making it an ideal destination for all kinds of travellers and photographers.

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