San Michele in Bosco

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San Michele in Bosco - Desde Tower, Italy
San Michele in Bosco - Desde Tower, Italy
San Michele in Bosco
📍 Desde Tower, Italy
San Michele in Bosco is a gorgeous 16th century villa located in the city of Bologna, Italy. The villa is surrounded by a lush park that is famed for its interesting combination of formal and wild gardens. The extensive parkland boasts a variety of tree and plant species, quaint streams, meandering paths, and open spaces. An artificial lake with its own cascading waterfall further adds to the incredible beauty of the place. Inside the villa, lavish and well-preserved frescoes, marble statues and ornate decorations attract visitors from all over the world. The villa has its own chapel with its gilded altar and a fantastic glimpse of the Renaissance-era interior. There is also a cafe open daily for visitors to enjoy the wonderful views from the terrace. Whether you come as a photographer, nature lover, or just a curious traveler, San Michele in Bosco will surely leave you with a long-lasting impression.

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