San Fele

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San Fele - Desde Trail, Italy
San Fele - Desde Trail, Italy
San Fele
📍 Desde Trail, Italy
San Fele is a beautiful city in the southern Italian region of Basilicata. Surrounded by the vertical cliffs of the Apennines, it is made up of timeless picturesque alleys, squares, and churches. Nearby, the Arao canyon cuts into the mountain and offers beautiful natural setting. The city center is dominated by the Norman–Swabian castle and the ancient Convent of Santa Chiara. San Fele is also renowned for its craftsmanship and the presence of numerous workshops and shops. There is also a local museum and churches, including the Medieval monument of the Cathedral of San Bartolomeo. Frequented by travelers and photographers, San Fele offers stunning views and an inspiring glimpse into traditional Italy.

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