San Blas Church

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San Blas Church - Desde Entrance, Croatia
San Blas Church - Desde Entrance, Croatia
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San Blas Church
📍 Desde Entrance, Croatia
San Blas Church, located in the old city of Dubrovnik, Croatia, is an iconic landmark. This small 15th Century Church stands tall in the skyline of the ancient city, its terracotta-tiled roof and Baroque style making it instantly recognisable. Inside the church, visitors will find a stunning interior painted with beautiful scenes of Croatian saints. Above the altar hangs a painting of the Virgin Mary by Italian artist Titian, executed in 1560. This stunning work of art gives the church its name; "San Blas," meaning "Saint Blaise". The church also stores various relics and objets d'art, such as chalices, crucifixes and sculptures. Make sure to pay this beautiful church a visit when in Dubrovnik; it is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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