Saline Gottesgabe

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Saline Gottesgabe - Desde Drone, Germany
Saline Gottesgabe - Desde Drone, Germany
Saline Gottesgabe
📍 Desde Drone, Germany
Come to Saline Gottesgabe, in Rheine, Germany! Enjoy the beauty of its lush green meadows and the saline lakes that it houses. The main attraction here is the “Byzentum” – a Roman archaeological site which is open to the public. There are also some ancient fortifications, dating all the way back to the 5th century. The area around Saline Gottesgabe is also a great spot for hiking and biking on paths that lead you through charming old towns and historic sites. In the summer, have a picnic in the salty meadows and visit the old salt mine. Take time to observe and appreciate the unique birdlife of this spot - from common waders to rare species. If you are brave, you can also try swimming in the salty lake! Spend a day exploring the area and you won’t be disappointed.

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