Sainte Madeleine

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Sainte Madeleine - Desde Inside, France
Sainte Madeleine - Desde Inside, France
Sainte Madeleine
📍 Desde Inside, France
Sainte Madeleine is a beautiful Gothic church located in Troyes, France. It was founded in 1255 and was one of the first churches in Europe to be built in the Gothic style. The church has a unique three-aisled design and is characterized by its stunning stained-glass windows, elaborate sculptures, and high pillars. Tourists can take a guided tour of the church to learn about the history and architecture of the building. Visitors can also view the impressive Sword and Plow sculpture, the Cloisters of the Cross, and a chapel that houses the remains of Madeleine de Cugney, the deceased widow of Francois de Cugney, whose foundation provides maintenance for the church. The church can be found in the Place des Chanoines in the center of Troyes and is an architectural attraction that visitors to the city should not miss.

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