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Saint-Georges - Belgium
Saint-Georges - Belgium
📍 Belgium
Saint-Georges is a small village in Yvoir, Belgium, and is known for its unique style of architecture. Built in the early 19th century, this picturesque village has been dubbed "The White Village of Yvoir" due to its distinctive white-washed houses and their flowing river-front dwellings. Additionally, the narrow cobblestone streets are lined with a plethora of traditional Belgian shops, restaurants, and cafes, each offering a unique glimpse of local culture. One of the main attractions of Saint-Georges is its spire, or campanile. This impressive structure was built with three towers and is one of the tallest and most impressive sights in the area. Other attractions in the village include the 12th century chapel which sits on the top of a mountain overlooking the village, and the centuries old rock engravings at the ancient Chateau Féron. Saint-Georges is the perfect place for travelers and photographers alike looking for a fairytale-like experience.

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