Safdarjung Tomb

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Safdarjung Tomb - Desde Entrance, India
Safdarjung Tomb - Desde Entrance, India
@catarungiri - Unsplash
Safdarjung Tomb
📍 Desde Entrance, India
Safdarjung Tomb is a beautiful mausoleum located in the heart of New Delhi, India. Constructed in 1754, it was built in memory of Safdarjung, the Viceroy of Awadh. The tomb is noted for its unique design and its elegant architecture, with its arched entrances, domed roofs and verandahs decorated with strings of semi-precious stones. One of the highlights of the structure is the water channel and the fountain in the centre of the garden. The gardens surrounding the tomb are landscaped with red and white sandstone, and are divided into four quadrants with pathways radiating outward. The mausoleum also contains several smaller tombs and mosques, as well as a library. The tomb is a great place to explore the beauty and culture of Mughal era India, and it is a sight well worth visiting.

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