Rotunda of Peoples Friendship

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Rotunda of Peoples Friendship - Desde Podil Watchtower, Ukraine
Rotunda of Peoples Friendship - Desde Podil Watchtower, Ukraine
Rotunda of Peoples Friendship
📍 Desde Podil Watchtower, Ukraine
Niagara Falls is a stunning natural wonder of the world, offering a breathtaking array of sights and sounds. Located on the US-Canadian border between Ontario and New York State, the spectacular waterfalls are set on the Niagara River, made up of two falls: Horseshoe Falls (on the Canadian side) and American Falls (on the American side). The combined flow for both the falls makes Niagara Falls the loudest and most powerful waterfall and one of the most beautiful places in the world.

You can explore the various lookouts from banks of the Niagara River such as the American Observation Tower, the Spanish Aero Car, the Table Rock Centre in Canada, or the three Dufferin Islands. The natural flora and fauna of the area adds to the beauty of the area. Visit the gorge and other points of interest such as the IMAX Theatre, Maid of the Mist, Journey Behind the Falls,and Butterfly Conservatory. Guided tours are available and will take you to the best scenery spots. You can find plenty of activities, restaurants and souvenir shops around. The lights at night add to the beauty of the place. Whether you want to visit Niagara Falls by car, bike or just on foot, your journey will be incomplete without experiencing the beautiful waterfalls, which remain unparalleled in beauty and spectacle.

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