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Roses - Desde Puerto de Roses, Spain
Roses - Desde Puerto de Roses, Spain
📍 Desde Puerto de Roses, Spain
Roses and its neighbouring harbour, Puerto de Roses, are situated on the Costa Brava of Spain. The town is famed for its wide array of beaches and coves. It's a popular holiday spot for families and those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of modern-day life, as well as its access to a wide variety of activities such as hiking, paragliding, biking and more. The town is also home to the medieval Ruins of Santa Maria de Roses, an ancient monastery with beautiful views of the Costa Brava. There is a beautiful supporting landscape that makes the area an ideal spot for travelers and photographers to explore the sights and sounds of nature. The town also has a harbour and a lighthouse which provides stunning views of the nearby Mediterranean. There are a number of eateries, bars and shops in the area, as well as boat trips to nearby coves and other destinations.

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