Riomaggiore Porto

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Riomaggiore Porto - Desde Viewpoint, Italy
Riomaggiore Porto - Desde Viewpoint, Italy
@_johnjase - Unsplash
Riomaggiore Porto
📍 Desde Viewpoint, Italy
Riomaggiore Porto is a colorful marina situated on the eastern coastline of the Italian Riviera. The colorful village of Riomaggiore is nestled at the base of a stunning cliff, with the marina located at the edge of town. It’s the perfect place to spend a day soaking in the sun, exploring the local shops, and taking in the gorgeous views. Wander through the port and you’ll find a picturesque old harbor full of bright yachts, sailboats, and fishing boats, with an array of seafood restaurants lining the nearby promenade. All of this set against the backdrop of one of Italy’s most breathtaking crimson-tinted towns. Make sure to take a few pictures to capture the stunning blue of the Mediterranean Sea and the seemingly endless stretch of rolling hills that fill the panoramic views.

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