Rio Lapataia

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Rio Lapataia - Argentina
Rio Lapataia - Argentina
@sebcreativo - Unsplash
Rio Lapataia
📍 Argentina
Rio Lapataia is a beautiful river located in Lapataia National Park in Argentina. The river runs through a remote area of dense forests, abundant fauna and flora and gorgeous waterfalls. It is an ideal spot for hiking, camping, canoeing, and the occasional fishing trips. The crystal clear waters of the river make it the perfect place for a swim, a kayak or stand up paddle ride. There are several spots along the river where one can spot a variety of rare and exotic birds, as well as capybaras, beavers and capuchins. The surrounding forests boast an abundance of deer, wild pigs, foxes, pumas, and many other species of wildlife. The park also has a wealth of archaeological sites, making this a great place for travelers interested in South American history.

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