Río en Refugio Hielo Azul

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Río en Refugio Hielo Azul - Argentina
Río en Refugio Hielo Azul - Argentina
Río en Refugio Hielo Azul
📍 Argentina
Blue Ice Glacier Hike in El Bolsón, Argentina is one of the most rewarding experiences a traveler can have. This hidden gem is located high in the Patagonian Andes and high up on the Mount Tronador Massif. It is an easy hike of 1-2 hours with rewarding panoramic views of Mother Nature's beauty. The highlight of this hike is the final descent to the crystal clear waters Río en Refugio Hielo Azul - the glacier river. This glacier river is a great place to cool off and get refreshed in the crystal clear mountain water. Additionally, it is one of the few places where you can actually see how a glacier is formed from the calving of the massive glacier face. It is a unique experience that can’t be missed. The hike is also rewarded with wildflowers, as well as close-up encounters with condors and cormorants. For those who want to capture the beauty of this place, don’t forget your camera and a steady tripod on your way.

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One of the most beautiful shelters in El Bolsón, high difficulty! Bring water and good shoes
Spend the night in the refuge and take the opportunity to climb the glacier the next morning!
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