Río de la Plata

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Río de la Plata - Desde Reserva Natural Costanera Sur, Argentina
Río de la Plata - Desde Reserva Natural Costanera Sur, Argentina
Río de la Plata
📍 Desde Reserva Natural Costanera Sur, Argentina
Rio de la Plata is a large estuary formed by the convergence of the Parana and Uruguay Rivers in Argentina. Located on the outskirts of Buenos Aires city, it's the widest river in the world.

The river has a geographic importance and its waters are shared between Argentina and Uruguay. The Parana River Delta features many marshlands and wetlands, known as pampas and home to several species of birds. Tourists can explore the estuary by boat or kayak and enjoy the beauty of the shores, fishing villages, and lagoons. At Puerto Madero, visitors can hire a water taxi to cross the river, providing stunning views of the bridges, the Riverbank Palace and Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve. For visitors looking to spend time in the outdoors, they can relax in the many public parks of the area, such as the Costanera Sur Park with its artificial lake, the city's color changing clock tower, and beautiful flora. The Palermo Woods Park is surrounded by museums and galleries, making it a popular spot for sightseeing. For those who appreciate nature, Río de la Plata is the perfect place to observe the local wildlife. Among the most common and easily spotted animals, there are seagulls and turtles. As for aquatic life, the river hosts several species of fish and crustaceans.

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