Rio Azul

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Rio Azul - Desde Montaña El Retamal, Argentina
Rio Azul - Desde Montaña El Retamal, Argentina
Rio Azul
📍 Desde Montaña El Retamal, Argentina
Rio Azul is an oasis of coolness located in the arid hills of the Mallin Ahogado district, in the Argentine Patagonia. The picturesque views of the winding Rio Azul make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area. Visitors can take a drive along the river, rent kayaks or ponies, and brave a hike through the draught-stricken terrain. The clear blue waters of the river are perfect for fishing; it's common to catch trout and other species native to the area. Wildlife in the region includes guanacos, rheas, and armadillos. Near the river is a large population of the guanaco, the Patagonian relative of the llama. Rio Azul is open all year, although the dry season can cause the river levels to drop.

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Very nice to see the sun go down over the Cordillera on the Chilean side
Viewpoint of Fefugio Retamal! A beautiful view at the conjunction of two rivers
Along the Río Azul we can find a large number of shelters with very different landscapes, the broom is a great example of this.
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