Regierung von Oberbayern's stairs

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Regierung von Oberbayern's stairs - Germany
Regierung von Oberbayern's stairs - Germany
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Regierung von Oberbayern's stairs
📍 Germany
Regierung von Oberbayern's stairs are one of the many popular tourist attractions in Munich, Germany. The stairs are found at the Residenz Palace, located in the city centre, and have been a popular attraction for many years. The stairs were originally built in 1662 and span a total of 5 stories. Initially, they were only accessible to the higher Nobility of Bavaria, but today they are open to everyone and are a great way to explore the site of the old Palace.

At the top of the stairs, visitors will find the Georgenbau, the most prominent structure at Residenz Palace. The Georgenbau was originally built in the 17th century and features impressive architecture. The Georgenbau offers breathtaking views of the central city of Munich, and is a popular destination for visitors. Regierung von Oberbayern's stairs are also home to many works of art, including busts of the seven Princes Electors of Bavaria. The stairs and surrounding area also feature many sculptures, both modern and historic, with many being hundreds of years old. There is no admission fee for tourists to explore the area around Regierung von Oberbayern's stairs, and the area is open to the public year-round. Visiting the stairs is a great way to explore the resplendent history, art and architecture of Munich. Enjoy the view!

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