Rathaus in Worms

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Rathaus in Worms - Germany
Rathaus in Worms - Germany
Rathaus in Worms
📍 Germany
The Rathaus in Worms is a stunning German gem located in the picturesque city of Worms, Germany. This impressive Gothic building is adorned with beautiful sculptures and towering spires pointing to the heavens. Sitting right next to the majestic Cathedral of Worms, the Rathaus is perfectly situated in the center of the winding cobbled streets of the old town. Visitors can take a stroll around the Rathaus, admiring its intricate sandstone carvings, its unique bay windows, or even take a guided tour inside and discover its hidden gems. There is plenty to explore in the city of Worms, including a range of traditional German eateries and shops, or simply take in the incredible views of the Rhine Valley from the city walls. Make sure to add the Rathaus in Worms to your German sightseeing list!

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