Rani Ki Vav

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Rani Ki Vav - India
Rani Ki Vav - India
Rani Ki Vav
📍 India
Rani Ki Vav is an impressive and intricate stepwell in Patan, India, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Constructed in the 11th century, Rani Ki Vav is the largest stepwell in India, measuring approximately 64m long, 20m wide and 27m deep. It has seven levels of stairs with sculptured panels of animals, mythological creatures, gods and goddesses. The well also has four doors or pavilions at different levels and a sanctum dedicated to Lord Vishnu at the bottom, surrounded by sculptures depicting royal processions. The intricate carvings and grand scale of the monument make it an impressive sight. Visitors can also explore the surrounding pools, which add to the historical and cultural beauty of the monument.

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