RAF Stenigot

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RAF Stenigot - Desde Path, United Kingdom
RAF Stenigot - Desde Path, United Kingdom
@matt__feeney - Unsplash
RAF Stenigot
📍 Desde Path, United Kingdom
RAF Stenigot is an abandoned site located 6 miles away from Louth, Lincolnshire, in the UK. Dating back to the Second World War, it was home to an airborne radar station and an RAF base until the late 1990s. Nowadays, the site is dilapidated and overgrown; its ruins are becoming a popular draw for urban explorers, historians, and photographers. The site boasts three main areas, namely the admin block and two transmitter masts; in addition, there are several other historical features scattered around, such as a decontamination block, coolers, basements, and multiple control rooms. The ruins of the abandoned base are accessible and can provide fascinating glimpses of the past.

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