Rab Harbor

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Rab Harbor - Croatia
Rab Harbor - Croatia
Rab Harbor
📍 Croatia
Rab Harbor, located in the city of Banjol in Croatia, is a picturesque port surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean-style buildings and captivating views of the sea and island. The harbor is known for its rich history as a strategic base of operations during WW II and its captivating, fine-grained pebble beach which extends to the nearby island of Goli Otok. During the summer months, the harbor area buzzes with activity as ferry cruises depart and visitors spend a day at the beach. There is plenty of opportunity to explore the streets of Banjol, learn more about the harbor's history, relax in cozy cafes, stroll along the beachfront, or shop in the lively market. Rab Harbor is an excellent destination for anyone seeking a relaxing day in a tranquil corner of Croatia.

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