Puerto Cisnes

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Puerto Cisnes - Desde Costanera, Chile
Puerto Cisnes - Desde Costanera, Chile
Puerto Cisnes
📍 Desde Costanera, Chile
Puerto Cisnes is a seaport city situated in the region of Aysen, Chile. Surrounded by beautiful blue waters, unique mountain ranges and snow-capped volcanoes, Puerto Cisnes is a paradise for photographers and adventure seekers alike. One of the most being the Queulat National Park where travelers can explore amazing glaciers, lagoons and the Los Cedros Forest Reserve. Another popular attraction is the San Rafael Glacier which is one of the largest ice rivers in the world. Puerto Cisnes also offers several beaches, making a great spot for leisure and relaxation while soaking in the clear mountain air. Here, you can observe a variety of marine wildlife including dolphins, penguins, sea lions and whales. There are also some incredible hikes including the San Lorenzo Hill, where visitors can take stunning views of the Mitre Peninsula, located at the foot of Cordon de Corcovado. Puerto Cisnes is an ideal destination for anyone looking for an unforgettable Chilean experience.

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