Puerta de Alcalá

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Puerta de Alcalá - Desde West, Spain
Puerta de Alcalá - Desde West, Spain
Puerta de Alcalá
📍 Desde West, Spain
The Puerta de Alcalá is one of Madrid's most recognizable landmarks. This neoclassical arch was built by architect Francesco Sabatini in 1778, and is considered one of Madrid's most iconic symbols. Over the years, Puerta de Alcalá has become the main entrance to the city from the east. It is located in the center of Madrid, just a few blocks from the famous Gran Vía. The Puerta de Alcalá has been a cherished symbol of Madrid since it was built and is one of the city's most popular historic landmarks. The structure is adorned with intricate sculptures, and its columns are adorned with images depicting Spanish history. Visitors can enter the archway and walk through it to take in the view of the grand plaza in front of it. At night, the Puerta de Alcalá is illuminated and can be seen from many points in Madrid, creating an impressive and breath-taking sight.

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