Puente Viejo

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Puente Viejo - Desde Mirador de Aldehuela, Spain
Puente Viejo - Desde Mirador de Aldehuela, Spain
@find_something_pretty_everyday - Unsplash
Puente Viejo
📍 Desde Mirador de Aldehuela, Spain
Puente Viejo (Old Bridge) is a spectacular arched stone bridge located in the traditional mountain village of Ronda in Andalusia, Spain. It dates back to the late 18th century, making it one of the most iconic and iconic historical sites in the area. Puente Viejo is located at the top of a deep ravine, providing incredible views of the surrounding countryside. Its tiers of arches, up to 140 meters in length, provide visitors a unique experience. Puente Viejo also serves as an entry to the small narrow streets of the older part of the city, some of which are still inhabited by locals. On the left side of the bridge stands a chapel, which was built in 1753, as well as an image of the Virgin Mary. Puente Viejo offers an incredible experience for every visitor, for here, centuries of history and culture have been preserved.

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