Praia de João Fernandes

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Praia de João Fernandes - Brazil
Praia de João Fernandes - Brazil
Praia de João Fernandes
📍 Brazil
Praia de João Fernandes is one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, located in the small Village de Búzios. With its bright white sand and deep blue waters, the beach is a popular spot for tourists and photographers alike. The large and tranquil bay provides clear views of the nearby hills, while the calm waters and gentle waves make swimming or snorkeling a pleasant and safe experience. Due to its sheltered location, Praia de João Fernandes also provides a great opportunity to take a boat or kayak, or simply lounge on the nearby sun decks and soak up the sun. With a few beach bars and plenty of nearby seafood restaurants, it's impossible to run out of things to do at Praia de João Fernandes.

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