Praça do Rossio

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Praça do Rossio - Desde Santa Justa Lift, Portugal
Praça do Rossio - Desde Santa Justa Lift, Portugal
@mark_lawson - Unsplash
Praça do Rossio
📍 Desde Santa Justa Lift, Portugal
Praça do Rossio is a beautiful square located in the heart of Lisbon, Portugal. It is the perfect place for travelers and photographers alike to enjoy its stunning architecture, vibrant colors, and charming atmosphere. Situated in the Baixa Pombalina district, the plaza is home to the iconic Rossio Train Station and the National Theater D. Maria II. This grandiose plaza is surrounded by stunning facades of the surrounding buildings, adding to its lively ambiance, and there are several cafes, restaurants, and stores close to its perimeter. Its impressive monument, the Dona Maria II fountain, is also a visual highlight. The plaza also provides a great vantage point to take pictures of the Santa Justa lift and its old-fashioned surroundings. There is simply no better place to use your camera and explore the beauty of Lisbon than Praça Do Rossio.

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