Porte de la Reine

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Porte de la Reine - France
Porte de la Reine - France
Porte de la Reine
📍 France
Porte de la Reine, or Queen's Gate, is the main gate of the historic city of Aigues-Mortes in Southern France. This imposing gateway dates from the thirteenth century and is topped with two guard towers. A central archway is flanked on either side by additional arches and closed off at the outer edges with a total of five curtain walls. Through the gate, visitors can explore the old city's fortified towers and steep winding streets. The city is encircled completely by the ancient walls, which still cover the entire landscape. Inside the walls, artifacts, monuments and architecture from the medieval period still remain, making Porte de la Reine a fascinating spot to explore and discover.

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