Pôr do Sol

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Pôr do Sol - Desde Pinhalzinho, Brazil
Pôr do Sol - Desde Pinhalzinho, Brazil
Pôr do Sol
📍 Desde Pinhalzinho, Brazil
Pôr do Sol can be found in the gorgeous rural town of Costas, Brazil. A must-see for nature lovers and photographers, this is an area of immense natural beauty.

The landscape is made up of hills, plains, and rolling valleys, all of which are surrounded by green fields, forests and the occasional tree. In the horizon, the peaks of the Serra dos Carajas are particularly spectacular. This circular area is the largest in Brazil and marks the meeting point between the Amazon and the Andes. The spectacular pièce de résistance, however. is the Pôr do Sol itself. A stunning picture formed by the giant stone statues of three distinct characters – a shepherd, his wife, and a musician – that seem to be watching over the valley. These three figures, unique to this scenery, have been an inspiration to generations of photographers, who have tried to capture their beauty and make it immortal. Make sure you don’t miss the chance to experience this awe-inspiring view, and if you’re lucky you may find the ideal combination of light and nature to take some remarkable photos!

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