Ponte Vasco da Gama

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Ponte Vasco da Gama - Desde Alrice Arena, Portugal
Ponte Vasco da Gama - Desde Alrice Arena, Portugal
@cravas - Unsplash
Ponte Vasco da Gama
📍 Desde Alrice Arena, Portugal
Ponte Vasco da Gama is an iconic bridge located in Lisbon, Portugal. Constructed in 1998, it is the longest bridge in Europe and spans 17.2 kilometers over the Tagus River. It is named after one of Portugal’s most famous explorers, Vasco da Gama.

The bridge is built in a cable-stayed style. The towers, which hold the cables, offer amazing views of the river and the city, but access to the towers is restricted. However, travelers who get to the east side of the bridge can visit a beautiful park which offers fantastic views of the bridge and the nearby areas, as well as a few museums, an artificial beach and other attractions. The bridge is also home to a futuristic “walkway”, full of restaurants and shops, which runs alongside of it. This is a great area to explore, especially during the night when it is lit up with impressive lights. Ponte Vasco da Gama is a must-see for travelers and photographers visiting Lisbon. It is an engineering marvel and a rich cultural landmark and it provides amazing views and unparalleled experiences.

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