Ponte das Correntes

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Ponte das Correntes - Desde Ponte do Burgo, Spain
Ponte das Correntes - Desde Ponte do Burgo, Spain
@impulse9696 - Unsplash
Ponte das Correntes
📍 Desde Ponte do Burgo, Spain
The Ponte das Correntes, also known as the Ponte dos Arcos, is an iconic bridge located in Galicia, in the beautiful city of Pontevedra. The Ponte das Correntes is an old stone arch bridge that was built in medieval times as a way to cross the Lerez River, and is one of the most-photographed landmarks in the city. This bridge provides unforgettable views of Pontevedra, which is surrounded by mountain ranges and is a great place for outdoor adventure. The Ponte das Correntes is a lovely example of Galician architecture, with its tall arches and detailed stone carvings. Visitors can take a walk across the bridge, take pictures of the breathtaking cityscape, and listen to the rushing river below. It's a great place to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and architecture.

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