Pont Masaryk

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Pont Masaryk - Desde Pont Robert Schuman, France
Pont Masaryk - Desde Pont Robert Schuman, France
@huguesdb - Unsplash
Pont Masaryk
📍 Desde Pont Robert Schuman, France
Pont Masaryk is a bridge in Lyon, France, spanning the Rhone river. It is a suspension bridge with a span of 108 meters and was designed by the architect Jean Nouvel. The bridge forms a gateway to the Confluence district of the city and serves as a connector between the banks of the Rhone. The bridge is illuminated in the evening with a golden color that can be seen from miles away. It is a great spot to get a good look of the city center, especially of the St. Jean Cathedral located on the other side of the river. Pont Masaryk provides pedestrian access as well as bike paths and is a popular spot to take a stroll or enjoy a picnic on a day with good weather. Being close to the city center, it is a great place to admire Lyon from afar and to admire the city walls stretching along the river.

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