Plaza Castilla's Buildings

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Plaza Castilla's Buildings - Desde Below, Spain
Plaza Castilla's Buildings - Desde Below, Spain
@javigabbo - Unsplash
Plaza Castilla's Buildings
📍 Desde Below, Spain
Plaza Castilla's Buildings, in Madrid, Spain, is a complex of two skyscraper towers located in the north of the Spanish capital. Designed by architect Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oíza and inaugurated in 1973, the two towers are known as the King and Queen Towers respectively. This iconic building, located in the major business district of Madrid, is a popular spot for photography. The towers stand 50 storeys tall and offer a breathtaking view of the city to visitors. The Plaza de Castilla is a great place for panoramic shots and for street photography, where locals will often gather for business or leisure.

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